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healthcare ruin credit

Healthcare Shouldn't Ruin Your Credit

The way we financially access healthcare in America is totally upside down, as evidenced by the many whose credit is ruined due to outrageous medical bills.

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telemedicine blindness

Telemedicine Can Help Detect Blindness In Remote Populations

A new study shows that telemedicine is just as effective as in-person exams for detecting blindness in premature babies. Here's why this is such a big deal.

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should you take an aspirin every day

Should You Take An Aspirin Every Day?

You might have heard that you're supposed to take an aspirin every day, but the reality is that daily aspirin has both benefits and risks.

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aetna investigation

Aetna Is The Latest Insurer To Face Investigation

Aetna is under investigation for remarks made under oath by its former medical director, as he admits he denied care without reviewing medical records.

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what will happen to the aca in a trump presidency

What Will Happen To The ACA Under A Trump Presidency?

The Republican Party has been a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act. So, what can we expect in regards to the ACA under a Trump presidency?

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